To Be Done

  • Create a New lesson - What is a Circuit? 
  • Multi-Meter Lesson
  • Battery Lesson
  • Ohm's Law Page
    • Straw Analogy
    • Phet Simulations
  • Resistor Page
    • My Color Code Lecture (create new one)
    • Potentiometer Lecture (make new one) - Include make your own pot
  • Relays page - everything
  • Transistor page - Details about NPN and PNP only?
  • Breadboard Page/lecture
  • Create assignments/guided notes for all lessons.
Unit 2 - Create Video for Multi-Meter Resistance
Unit 5 - Update the Serial Debugging video with the BBB in rather than the traditional Arduino. Create video describing the function of the "pull down" resistor also cover "shorting with a push button". Create another video discussing the If-Else code.
Unit 8 - Add in Switch Case:

Electronics Videos:

Unit 2 - Color Code Video, yes re-do this one

Unit 2 - Variable resistors - Include Pots and CDS

Unit 2 - How to use a Multi-Meter

Unit 3 Videos for traditional Board?

Unit 3: Redo the intro to Arduino Interface video.

Unit 4 - Create a video for: If, While, and For

Unit 5 - Video for the Push-Button Introduction

Unit 7 - Array Video(s)

General - Troubleshooting - Upload issues

General - Scope

General - Troubleshooting - My LEDs are off when they're supposed to be on and on when the should be off

General - Troubleshooting - LEDs are one, but very dim


Unit 2 - Guided notes for the resistor reading?