Unit 09 - Let's Make some Noise

  1. Sound with Arduino
    1. Work through: The Science of Sound (making sound the old way)
    2. Work through: Tone Output Tutorial (Note, the last example used in this lesson uses three force sensitive resistors. We don't have any of these. Instead, see if you can modify it to work with push buttons. Also replace the speaker with a piezo, or you could always scavenge a speaker from somewhere)
    3. Play Individual Notes - Switch Case
  2. Play Songs
    1. Use arrays to store sequence of notes and lengths
    2. Play songs using RTTTL


I can wire a piezo or a speaker as an output for my Arduino


I can vary the sound from my circuit with a potentiometer or photoresistor


I can explain why delayMicroseconds is used when making sound


I can use tone() to make sound


I can play a song someone else created with my Arduino


I can code a song myself.